The Calm Before the Storm

I haven’t been up to much the last couple of weeks in regards to getting ready for Africa, but I did get an internship for the fall and finished my junior year with a 4.0!!!!! I finally have all my scholarships so I am HOPEFULLY all set on money for the next three months. I’ve just been trying to get together a packing list, find all my important documents, and make sure I didn’t forget to do anything.

It’s almost more stressful having all this down time because I feel like I should be doing something important, but I think I have all my affairs in order! Except for hearing back from the HR department about when I should show up for work and what I should wear…yikes. So I have 4 more days at work, then I’m home for 5 days before Emily and I head to Chicago to fly out. 9 DAYS.

I’m really only updating because I wanted to say something important. To everyone who told me I shouldn’t go to Africa, to everyone who gave me weird looks when I told them about my internship, to everyone who keeps telling me I’m going to get kidnapped, murdered, eaten by sharks and mugged - thanks. You keep me fighting to get out of my shell and really experience the world. You can’t tell me what’s out there unless you’ve seen it for yourself, and the people trying to keep me down are doing the exact opposite. I’ll leave being scared of the real world to all of you.

And to the people who have supported me this entire time, to the people who believe in me and know that I can hold my own - thank you too :) 

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